Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Worried about how to stage a House with no good qualities?

With hundreds of homes that I presented, I have not seen a house that is full of features without taking anything else. But I have many characteristics of real estate where it is a challenge to find a good feature!

If you are worried about what to do if you find yourself in a house like that in you, first of all, given that decided the current owners to make their home at some point. So, you have to possess at least there are some good things about the property and it is your job as an actor to find their homes.

As a professional home stager it is your job to make sure good shining point of the house and the buyers do not have the same reaction to the first run to be made (that there is nothing good about the place).

How far it would go to achieve this transformation depends primarily on the price point.

For example, a home that is more expensive when the furniture is dated, unattractive (or too cheap looking at the house owned price range), you can store it off-site and brought a new lease of goods.

But a cheaper house may not be a viable option, so you have to be creative.

If the tool is very bad, can operate pillowcases. If it works on your wood furniture, you might be able to paint or replaced to provide an updated look and a new lease hardware. Think about all the magazine articles and TV shows about the transformation of "flea market find". Well, you would do the same thing only with something that you find the home of your client, not something you buy at a flea market.

Rather than reduced to property real estate with no immediately obvious quality, accept it as a creative challenge.

After all you decide to become an actor because you have the creative eye to see the possibilities. The houses are ugly with bad content, and the tired nature of the cookie cutter just your chance to stretch your talents.

You can always do something to improve the look of any room.

Consider fresh flowers for the kitchen, new towels and a shower curtain in the bathroom, accent pillows in the living room, "bed in a bag" for a new room, art and accessories throughout the home to create the beauty of the island . All this serves to divert the attention of prospective purchasers of the tools outdated, boring architectural or less perfect size room.

However, if it is not in your budget and you really have no choice but to work with what you have in front of you, often rearranging items in the home will make a big improvement after a good cleaning and remove cluttering.

When you have the power to help a person in a house like this to make more money selling their real estate property, you can make more of a difference in the life of someone you know.

These types of projects are often the most important staging.


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