Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Solvent extraction procedures and steps involved in this process

What is solvent extraction?

Solvent extraction, as the name suggests is a process to extract oil from oil bearing materials with a solvent. In general, Hexane (a petroleum by-product) is used as a solvent.

What solvent recovery plant?

Solvent extraction plant is used to extract the oil with chemicals. Plants are used as raw material cake, which is extracted from the oil press. The organic solvent used to dissolve the oil content seed cake or after dipping or spraying process, ensuring that the content of the oil is in close contact with the feed material. After that, the solvent evaporates and the oil collected. In plants, the solvent evaporated again.

Many manufacturers of solvent extraction plant, using quality assured material and latest technology in the fabrication process. In general, the plant is designed primarily for directly extracting oil from vegetable oils that contain less than 20% of oil such as soybean after the peeling process. Pre-pressed or fully pressed cake of seeds containing more than 20% of the oil such as cottonseed, palm kernel, sunflower, copra, Castor, nuts, and more.

Most oil producers are now-a-days using horizontal extractors which operate on the principle of counter current, moving bed. Vary so Finding a bed height and speed mechanisms allow full penetration perfect recovery and solvent filtration.

The procedure followed in the process of digestion get:

Swim oil-rich flake or pre-pressed cake with solvent

Dissolve the oil in plants with chemical solvents

Filter solid material

Essential oils are mixed with a solvent to separate the oil and solvent

Cold solvent and recycle

The next process oil and cake.

The best feature of this acquisition solvent plant offers a simple change-over to process the material. Plants also find use in a variety of solvents useful in obtaining diversified industries.

Important features in common with solvent recovery plant:

Available in solid - liquid and liquid - liquid extraction system

Using a variety of polar or non-polar solvent or a combination of both

Flexibility to process all types of seeds, bran or oil cakes

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