Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Indie Release of capitalism

Here's the shocking truth: occupy Wall Street and Tea Party actually agree on something. They both hate crony capitalism, and they both love Steve Jobs. If this sounds strange, let me add another curious fact: Almost all of my students at the New School in New York, where I teach courses in creativity and capitalism, want to start their own company. The New School celebrated a bastion of lefty thinking, going back to 1930 and '40s. My students want to become entrepreneurs. They want to Kickstarter, kickass entrepreneurs. Students who it would belong to what I call Indie Indie Capitalism.I use the term deliberately to reflect the new sharing many distributive economy and social structure of the independent music scene and also the cost of system . Indie band hyperlocal, indie and post-capitalism is a global, local economic phenom (I think the 3D printing, locavore food, and new product crowdfunding). Indie ├╝ber capitalist urban culture also fed from the energy / business city, New York, Portland, Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Austin. And they, of course, super-participatory. Indie Capitalists believe all of our work, there is no clear boundary between consumer and producer, investor and shopper. We all them.There capitalist Indie many of us. Breakthrough restaurant Chez Panisse organic Alice Waters has served as a model for the movement of the "resource-local" food. Blue Marble Ice Cream, "Made in Brooklyn," using only local New York State Dairy Cattle and implements people from downtown. Chrysler Group tapped indie culture when Wieden + Kennedy getting to produce ad "imported from Detroit", a song by Detroit born Eminem.My capitalist entrepreneur Elon indie favorite animal, co-founder of PayPal (eBay) . He handcrafting Falcon rocket and Dragon capsule take people and cargo to the International Space Station, and even Mars. SpaceX company integrates creative, creation, and capitalism. Also another company, Tesla Motors (TSLA), which assembles and sells all-electric sports car and four-door sedan of the old capitalism factory.Indie California has three basic principles: • Creativity generate economic value . Being creative is the source of income. Yes, you can squeeze more efficiency out what's there, but gave us creativity originality, which translates into profit margins and huge market • creativity. Drive capitalism. In recent years we have victimized the harmful results of "creativity" is applied to the financial sector (mortgage-backed securities, for starters). What we lose sight of is that the dimensions of creativity really make something of value to be sold in the market are the very heart of our economic system. This is the real generator net new jobs, wealth and income taxes. • Creative destruction is essential for economic growth. Crony capitalism, which relies on power and political monopoly, is contrary to business capitalism. A faster cycle of birth, growth, mortality, and the company increased creativity, economic value, and the contours of the growth of the indie capitalism that is just the scene. Change from time to time, as my own students and millions of others to develop a new economic system. But in re-connecting the creativity of capitalism, we have something to expect.

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