Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Build & Protect Your Confidence

I remember the first time I had to get a new customer from a cold start. I was a sales rep at IBM. I only sell it for a while since the issue of college, and I do not really know what do.When I started working for IBM, I was given extensive sales training. My sales training time took me 9 months, which may be surprised to learn quickly be back in 1987! IBM salesman who wants it is also ready to sell its products in any business that would like them.So I want to think well prepared for all sales prospecting sales training.I not. Our sales training is not going to give me advice about sales prospects or leads sales training generation.IBM 's very good, but I'm starting to smart for large account sales. After my first year working with large accounts, I was transferred to the new IBM business group. 

Although I am excited about this new challenge, this is not what I trained for.Fortunately, I had a good sales manager new how to create new business. One of the things she suggested that I get my year to start flying by running a seminar for medical groups and hospitals in my territory.If he suggested to me, I can get stunned or upset by the idea of ​​making cold calls to develop all business. I new I run seminars, and became a huge success generating more leads into sales. My year off to a fast start, and I feel pretty confident about my sales abilities.I tell this story, because the sale of trust in many ways things are fragile. Success builds on itself. Too many salespeople are thrown out there to sink or swim attitude by their management. If I did not have the help of a great team of people around me to IBM, I probably would fail and hate cold calling and potential. And, I'm probably not going to have an incredible year 1989 has been for me.

Confidence often created by positive experiences. However, what do you do when you have a little experience with something like developing a new business or making cold calls? Find confidence, by finding a way to do something that you personally believe that you can actually do. The key is trust. You must believe that you personally can really do Somebody said my client wanted to develop a new business they feel unwilling or unable to make cold calls. Why? Because he's not a cold call himself a target. You know the type. The phone rang, and after a long pause, a telemarketer asking you to mispronounce your name. And then they try to keep you in line forever at dinner time.The thinking to make these calls to my clients business is very humbling, because I'm sure it was for many precious us.Bad by the masses of the poor impoverishes many telemarketers trained us to sell properly. When we experience a cold call as we do not want to look like this ourselves. It makes us ashamed to be in the sale, even the fear of making cold calls.As As a result, many people hate the thought of making cold calls. 

This does not fit the image of themselves as professionals. A hatred began to creep into the mind to make cold calls. It builds upon the point where no one can, or can not, do call.So how you can get past the fear to a state of belief without the experience Follow these steps?: Find a strategy that you think you can do. One where you'll feel respected, helpful, useful, valuable, anything. Find examples of people, such as yourself well, using a new technique successfully. Admit that you can succeed accurate because other people do it successfully. In the case of my clients, I explain that the cold call was made for people who have never heard of you or hit your message before it in any way. Not only the type of calls to the poor, they are not very productive precisely because they never heard you message.So I made a simple recommendation that he calls warming by setting up a direct mail sales letter to send to the target market first. Now my client finds something he believes he can do it. Face the prospect of a letter written by a professional copywriter. Not only did he get a hot lead in calling him out in this effort, but he felt confident about making a call to rest warmed prospects.What's important here? Make sure you plan for success. 

Choose strategies that are proven to work by others. Thus, you can have the confidence to survive if the first approach does not work perfectly as you've got your hoped.When impaired, take action by finding a successful method with other users. Ignore them overcome challenges and how they do it this.Sometimes small steps most of the way toward greater sales success. © 1999-2004 Shamus Brown, All Rights Reserved.

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