Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A chunk of extra days to step in?

THERE is a small crumb of comfort that can help the UK economy in the first quarter of this year with an extra day in February.

Leap year day provides an opportunity for additional days of productivity and considering how close we are either in a recession or a growth on the day it can be a difference of 0.1% given either a difference either way.

The advantage of most businesses is that they have they have the benefit of working an extra day, and the productivity of their staff without having to pay for it, or at least employers to pay their staff a salary increase.

Those employees who are lucky to be paid on a weekly pay for an extra day while they work for it, a scenario that does not make sense. However, a small windfall for most companies and the economy.

If the same workers, however, is another matter. Throughout my working life I have always been a salary or fee-reaching and, in addition to many times in the past years on other issues, always felt aggrieved that my employer getting even more than my costs, a view no doubt have received little sympathy from higher authorities.

However, the point I seriously because it creates an opportunity for companies to create a little good for their staff. Many organizations are moving to control third-year salary freeze or even total. So why not give an extra day off as a day extra for the staff. A little recognition for what will last and staff for their contributions to keep the business running, and there was no leap year comeagain for four years!

A few years ago I took advantage of this as an offer to broker negotiations between the union and it makes some good, although with the caveat that the precedent is created that can be a little difficult to prevent the coming years. However, there is still a small price to pay for a move to the staff for their support.

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